The city and the Team

Welcome to the exhibition on this peculiar football team and its city. What would Bergen have been without Brann? And can we imagine a Brann without Bergen? Experience Bergen and Brann's historical ups and downs in text, images, sound and film.

The gold medal returned home! Bymuseet i Bergen is back with the second half of our popular exhibition about the city and team in our hearts.

The exhibition “Byen og laget” is not the complete history, neither about Brann nor Bergen. What would Bergen have been without Brann? And can we imagine a Brann without Bergen? Perhaps it is about the passion and the Bergen enthusiasm? Or is it the irony, the stadium’s “damn sure we’ll succeed, like in 1963”, that best captures the spirit of the city? Because the whole stadium knows, and the whole city knows, that neither the city nor the team are quite as brilliant as we say.

This active and exciting exhibition will take you on a tour of the city and the team’s evolution, with ups and downs during the last hundred years.

Exhibition with activities and games

The exhibition offers several fun activities for both children and adults. Test your football skills and test your competitive instinct in the gaming area!

The gaming area offers football games, playstation with FIFA competitions and a separate Football skills court. Join our competitions and activities.

Exhibition period 24. November 2022 – 16. April 2023.

Location of Bryggens Museum


An exiting exhibition in both Brann and the city of Bergen «This exhibition will interest most people in bergen. Not just the football fans, but all who are interested in the city´s history. «The city and the team» is something you should experience.»

BA 08.02.22 – Newspaper article (in Norwegian)

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