“Celebrate History: Family Weekend at the 750-Year Exhibition of King Magnus Lagabøte’s National Law”

Welcome to family weekend at the museum!

Join us on a journey back in time to the year 1274. It was then that King Magnus Lagabøte presented the very first national law in Norwegian history, which was written in Bergen. We invite you to a family weekend at the museum with guided tours, craft demonstrations, workshops, and fun activities.

We celebrate the 750th anniversary of King Magnus VI Håkonsson presenting the National Law, a uniform legal framework for the entire realm, which would be in effect for over 400 years! The exhibition at Bryggens Museum covers both the content of the National Law and the society in which it was developed and operated. Here, you can see a genuine copy of the National Law, many medieval documents, archaeological findings, and other cultural treasures. There are also films, sound recordings, and reconstructions.

Here, one can both feel the king’s power and responsibility and gain insight into the lives and destinies of ordinary people. In the “Ungrom” and other parts of the museum, children can participate in practical activities, touch, feel, and immerse themselves in the Middle Ages.

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