Bryggens Museum

The exhibition Below Ground let you come closer to the everyday lives of the medieval people of Bergen and Western Norway.

New main exhibition: Below Ground

Bryggens Museum’s main exhibit uses thousands of artifacts and modern historical and archaeological research to let you come closer to the everyday lives of the medieval people of Bergen and Western Norway. Runic inscriptions with gossip, poems and spells tells us about faith and love, while ceramics from Europe and the Middle-East shows an extensive and international trade network. The new exhibit also displays the unique Guddal-garment – a nearly thousand year old find, which is one of extremely few relatively intact pieces of Norwegian medieval clothing.

The history of Bergen and Bryggen’s Museum

Bryggen in Bergen has been a busy part of the city since the Middle Ages. Both the oldest wooden buildings and the thick cultural layers located below ground appear on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 1955 parts of Bryggen burnt down, and the 13 year archaeological excavation which subsequently took place uncovered hundreds of thousands of objects which give an insight into everyday life in the city in the Middle Ages. After the fire there was a heated discussion over the future of Bryggen, and many of the city’s inhabitants wanted to demolish the remaining wooden buildings. Fortunately public opinion changed, helped by the new and till then unknown stories of the city that was being unearthed. As a result – and with chief curator Asbjørn Herteig as the driving force – Bryggens Museum was established in 1976. The Museum houses archaeological material from Bergen and Vestlandet in the Middle Ages, where the rich finds from the Bryggen excavations and later archaeological research in the city take centre stage. Bryggens Museum is built over the remains of Bergen’s oldest buildings from the first half of the 1100s. These architectural remains are still an important part of the museum’s permanent exhibition, and give visitors the experience of life in Bergen in the Middle Ages.

Guided tours at Bryggens Museum

Runes from Bryggen: Gyda tells you to go home

Get to know the people who lived on Bryggen hundreds of years ago through the written messages they left behind.

Duration 15-20 minutes. Same price as the ordinary entrance ticket (no extra charge!).

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Bryggen Guiding

Get to know medieval Bergen through fantastic archeological finds at Bryggens Museum, outdoor walks through the old buildings on Bryggen, the hidden ruins of the city’s first town hall and the Hanseatic assembly hall Schøtstuene.

Duration approximately 90 minutes. Meeting point in the reception at Bryggens Museum.
Entrance ticket for Bryggens Museum included!

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Activities for children

Activity booklet: Join in on the drawing competition, puzzle and treasure hunt in the exhibition. Feel free to bring your own pencil. During the excavation at Bryggen, thousands of objects were found. From gold rings to dosets. But how did they actually end up in the earth in their time? Based on the objects that have been found, we have toyed with the idea of ​​how it all happened when the thing ended up in the ground many hundreds of years ago. Buy a fun activity pack that you can take home:

  • Drawing postcard with medieval motif
  • Magnets

The City and the Team: activity exhibition including a gaming zone

What would Bergen be without Brann Football Club? And is Brann Football Club even imaginable without Bergen?

Experience the stadium atmosphere at Bryggens Museum! This exiting exhibition with many activities is presenting the development of the city and the team throughout the last hundred years. Experience Bergens and Branns ups and downs through text, images, sound and videos.

The exhibition offers several fun activities for both children and adults. Test your football skills and test your competitive instinct in the gaming area!

Included in the entrance ticket. (Exhibition is not available from 01.09-11.11.22).