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Main office
Dreggsallmenningen 3, 5003 Bergen
Telephone +47 55 30 80 30

Post address

The foundation Bymuseet i Bergen
Post box 4052, Sandviken
5835 Bergen

Visitor address

Bryggens Museum Dreggsalmenningen 3, 5003 Bergen

Invoice address

The foundation Bymuseet i Bergen Postboks 4052, Sandviken 5835 Bergen

EHF invoice 988 212 024

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Our museums

Bryggens Museum, Dreggsalmenningen 3
Rosenkrantz Tower, Bergenhus 4
Håkon´s Hall, Bergenhus 10
School museum, Lille Øvregaten 38
Leprosy Museum St. Jørgens Hospital, Kong Oscarsgate 59
Old Bergen Museum, Nyhavnsveien 4
Damsgård Country Mansion, Alléen 29
Hordamuseet, Hordnesvegen 24
Alvøen Manor, Alvøveien 150

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