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About the Foundation Bymuseet i Bergen

About the foundation Bymuseet i Bergen

Bymuseet i Bergen is a cultural history and archeological museum consisting of 9 museums in Bergen municipality.

The Bymuseet i Bergen foundation is a cultural history and archaeological museum, comprising nine distinct museums within the Bergen municipality. These include iconic landmarks such as the Rosenkrantz Tower, the King Håkon´s Hall, Bryggens Museum, Hordamuseum, Old Bergen Museum, Bergen School Museum, Damsgård Country Mansion, Alvøen Manor, and The Leprosy Museum. Additionally, the museum houses the remarkable fire equipment collection of the Bergen Fire Historian Foundation.

With an extensive collection of approximately 190,000 items and photographs, Bymuseet i Bergen offers engaging museum experiences to around 200,000 visitors annually. Managing a total of 115 buildings, 100 of which hold significant cultural-historical value, the museum also takes on the responsibility of overseeing cultural landscapes, historic gardens, and parks. Boasting a dedicated team of around 60 permanent employees, the museum operates with a budget of approximately 60 million NOK.