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Bymuseet i Bergen welcomes you to an exciting insight into very different aspects of Bergen city’s history.

Guided tours and entrance to the museums

From kings and queens in King Håkon´s Hall and the Rosenkrantz tower to the daily life of common people in Bergen in the Middle Ages, as shown by the archaeological excavations under Bryggen at Bryggens Museum.

In the city center you will also find the School Museum which shows the life of upper class children in the 18th century and the Leprosy Museum telling the strong story of the lepers.

Old Bergen gives a nostalgic insight into the urban environment in Bergen when great grandma was young, here the City Museum’s own actors will give you an experience of traveling back in time. Damsgård shows one of the city’s over 70 pleasure gardens outside the city center with beautiful interiors and beautiful gardens. The Hordamuseet Museum gives an insight into the unique way of life of the people of rural Hordaland, and Alvøen shows an idyllic industrial environment around the Alvøen Manor.

All museums welcome pre-booked groups for guided tours, activities and events. Here is little survey of possible experiences for groups:

The King Håkon´s Hall

An over 750 years old Royal ballroom built by King Håkon Håkonsson between 1247 and 1261. The King Håkon´s Hall is today a national cultural monument with a few restrictions. King Håkon´s Hall is available for public events only. It is not available for private events such as private dinners, weddings etc.

A tour of The King Håkon´s Hall shows the history of Norway as a nation, and groups who visit The King Håkon´s Hall often find it exciting to visit the Rosenkrantz Tower afterwards for a complete experience of the history of Kings and Queens in Bergen. And of course the view from the roof!

The Rosenkrantz Tower

One of Norway’s most important kings, Magnus Lagabøte, lived here in the 13th century. In the 16th century it became the seigniory castle.

Today it is an exciting museum to explore. Moving through winding, narrow corridors and steep stairs, you can climb from the basement with 16th-century dungeons, to the cannon attic just below the roof.

At the top we can get out on the roof, where the guards had a stunning view of the whole city. Perhaps still the city’s best view!

Bryggens Museum

As an interesting contrast to Kings and Queens in The King Håkons´s Hall and The Rosenkrantz Tower, Bryggens Museum will offer the exciting story of the daily life of the city’s inhabitants in the Middle Ages.

Bryggens Museum offers exciting illustrations of the impressive Viking ships based on finds of remains under Bryggen. You can also se the dramatic illustrations of the story of how all the city fires have repeatedly disrupted the lives of the inhabitants, and the shaping of today´s Bergen.

Particularly the new exhibition “Below Ground” illustrates the 950 year long history of Bergen. Here you will find a unique runic collection with messages of love, poetry and secret messages between the city´s inhabitants in the medieval Bergen.

Our museum shop offers unique products based on the findings of the archeological excavations under Bryggen. Tea mugs, T-shirts, kitchen towels with prints from the runic collection. Here, selected cosy messages from the medieval inhabitants of Bergen are conveyed to us.

The School Museum

In the city center you will also find the School Museum next to the Cathedral.

The Leprosy Museum St Jørgens Hospital

The Leprosy Museum

Damsgård Country Mansion

Just outside the city center, in Laksevåg, is one of Bergen’s over 70 pleasure gardens.

Hordamuseet Museum

The Hordamuseet Museum shows the unique way of life of the people of rural Hordaland, and is located in a very idyllic area by the Fanafjord.

Museum open by request only

Alvøen Manor

Theatre walks

Groups of min. 10 people can either book tickets for a chosen date, or book a private theater walk (if we have the capacity).

More information on theather walks 2023 is coming soon.

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