Alvøen Manor

Have a nice Sunday excursion to Alvøen - a variety of experiences with art, culture and nature in a beautiful harmony!

A Sunday trip to Alvøen is like a ’kinder surprise egg’ of an experience with art, culture and nature in beautiful surroundings. As a visitor to Alvøen you will encounter an exceptionally beautiful and special place with a long and rich industrial and societal history. The main building contains memories of the Fasmer family’s life in Bergen and Alvøen spanning a period of more than 300 years.

Deep in the sheltered Alvøypollen a river runs down from Småvatnet and Storavatnet lakes where for four centuries man has tamed and used nature’s power. The power was used to produce top top quality paper until 1981. If you follow the avenue to the left you walk towards the beautiful main building of Alvøen Hovedbygning with its gardens, the gazebo and the great English park. If you keep to the right, you emerge into a cluster of small worker houses, to the festival grounds and the village hall. Together this forms a distinctive, diverse, and not least an authentic society.

Fasmer’s legacy

The Fasmer family bought the property in the middle of the 1700 and started paper production in 1797, which continued until the factory was demolished in 1981. Using the main building as a workbase, as well as the family’s permanent residence from the 1830s, the family managed the factory and estate with a firm hand.

This property does not only have an important historical character, but is also contains natural, recreational resources as well as providing spaces for various art experiences. You will find art exhibitions, both inside the buildings and outside in the landscape, and there are concerts and other cultural events happening through summer season in Alvøen.