Guide to Håkon´s Hall

Welcome to Håkon´s Hall. This is a little digital brochure which is convenient since there are no exhibitions with information in the hall.

Here are some things you can experience in Håkon´s Hall.

Experience the architecture

In Håkon´s Hall the architecture is the main experience. Start by going up the main stairs from the reception, and have a look at the arkitekturen som er hovedfokuset. Du starter ved å gå opp trappen fra resepsjonen and have a look at the model that shows Bergenhus approx. year 1300, and then we recommend that you continue down the stairs to the left.

The basements

This guide will take you through all three floors. In the basement you can see a model showing the damage the buildings suffered after the explosion accident on 20 April 1944. Down here you can also see traces in the walls of work carried out after a fire in 1266. The beautiful stone vaulted roof above you was put in then as a fire protection.

The mid room

When you have passed the cellars, follow the stairs up to the mezzanine floor. The middle room was probably used as workrooms for the king’s men. The large window niches here were used as workplaces. The woven carpets that hang here are from Sigrun Berg’s weaving factory. The furniture here is from the 60s and is used for large dinners and other events.

Further through the hall you can choose the guard’s passage which takes you up a narrow stone staircase in the southern wall up to the hall.

The Hall

You have now arrived at the magnificent banquet and representation hall, where, among other things, three royal weddings took place in the 13th century.

Here you can also see the woven carpets from Sigrun Berg (the prim staff) and Synnøve Anker Aurdal (the high seat carpet and the music gallery).

The stairs

On your way out, follow the grand stone staircase. Halfway down there are some large pictures, one from the explosion accident and one from the re-opening on 14 September 1961.

Here you can see how the hall is still set for dinners with tables, tablecloths and silverware. The royal family still uses the hall and so it is still in use for the same purposes Håkon Håkonsson built it for in the middle of the 13th century.

The way the hall is presented today is the result of the restoration after the explosion accident, and both the building itself and the inventory are listed.

Quiz: Fortress puzzle

Get a fortress puzzle for free in the reception and answer questions about the fortress. Tip: the answers can be found in the outdoor area. If you want to go for a walk on the fortress, you can get a fortress trail at the reception, with a map and information about the buildings and the area.