At your service!

The maids are ready to take you on a journey through the city´s history seen through the eyes of servants from the 1880´s. An entertaining view of Bergen´s history!

For centuries, the city’s maids have been a visible part of the cityscape in Bergen, where they roamed the city’s streets on their way from one errand to the next.

This summer, they are again ready to take you on a walk through the city’s history, seen through their eyes in 1880. Join the maids when go about their business through the city.

Along the way you get the story of the city they live and work in. Where can you find the best well in the city? Will there be haggling with the stripes in the square and how to behave towards the gentleman and the lady in the house? And not least, they share the dreams of everything they will do on their regular free night a week.

At your service! is an excellent entrance to get to know the historic Bergen better. Suitable for everyone, both visitors and city dwellers.

The walk starts in Vågsbunnen near the Tourist Information (Strandkaien 3) and ends at Skansen a little above main funicular station on Vetrlidsallmenningen. Period June 20 – August 12. Monday – Friday at 12 in English and at 14 in Norwegian. Duration approximately 60 minutes.

Recommended for adults and children from the age of 10.